Social Media Training with the WTIA

Last month I had the opportunity to co-present a social media training session at SecureWorld on the topic of competitive intelligence and social media security with with Lewis McMurran –  VP of Government and External Affairs at the Washington Technology Industry Association ( @lewismcmurran )

This week I’ll be sharing some great insights with Lewis again under the title “When social media meets security — managing risk in a facebooked, twittered and foursquared environment”
-the  session will focus on the risks to your organization as social media tools, strategies and tactics are being widely used to market, message, recruit, sell and more.  (I.E. as more employees and clients use social media, risk accelerates and safeguards tested.) – Check out the previous session recap (link above) to find out what we talked about.

If you have a chance to attend this new session,
it will be this Wednesday evening (12/15)
Seattle at the Attachmate HQ – click here to register
In addition to some of the topics covered in the 1st social media training session, I’ll be sharing some unique insights to how a large organization with thousands of employees mitigated issues by studying the most active users within the employee base and providing them with a level of extra support that could trickle down into the adoption of the main employee base.

I will also discuss some new items

  • some of the data collection in my social media policy series that was written for 123.
  • the multiple touch points for social media training and policy in a larger organization.
  • some of the newer technologies causing the most problems (cellular, wifi, social sharing)

With Lewis’s insight to the technology scene and how these elements are being handled by companies in the northwest, I’m sure this will be a great session for everyone.

Feel free to drop me a question or two beforehand if you plan on attending or if you would like to get Linkedin.

If you would like to view some of our other services and event, check out the 123 Social Media Training page or contact me.
(right now the schedule is being reworked during our Christmas break, but I promise it will be up ASAP!)

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