Social Media Policies Series

As part of dealing with a number of decision makers in different communication roles I have been covered the core concepts of what social media policies cover.

This is not a simple topic. The truth of the matter is that social media policies cover dozens of different business models and processes. These policies also change depending on different federal and state regulation issues, along with niche industry compliance ramifications.

Over on our main blog at – I’ve begun breaking out a these policy articles into a framework of elements to browse. A good thing to keep in mind is that these policy issues are really talking about how you do business in the digital sense: It is how consumers and vendors work with you. It is how journalist engage with you. It is how investors track your progress.

If you don’t have social media policies in place already, don’t be afraid. These articles will help you out.

Social Media Policies Series

Social Media Policy Examples

So you finally convinced your organization to get on the social media rocket… but what about all of those questions? What happens when an executive posts photos of the corporate party on Facebook or the mailroom guy loads a video of the entire office on YouTube? No worry… everyone has to have a policy.

Corporate Social Media Policy

Having a business strategy for social media is important- if your corporate social media policy falls into the hands of employees and consumers, you quickly lose brand control and face being led down a path that was never intended. Social media policy is very much like buying a used car for the first time

Social Media Policy vs Social Media Guidelines

Before creating a social media policy or defining your social media guidelines, you need to have an understanding of your team members that will manage the communication and act as expert level advocates for your organization.

Social Media Guidelines Examples

When engaging with people online, your employees need to be informed about how they should engage. Whether your business is a fun and trendy retail shop or strict corporate financial group, give your employees examples of how they should represent your business online.

Reviewing Your Social Media Policies

The articles above cover a lot of ground and ask a lot of questions. Take the time to put on your strategic thinking cap and get a little outside of your comfort zone. Understanding how all of these elements come together to create a strong online business foundation takes a little bit of work – but the rewards are worth it.

If I didn’t cover it already –
What are your top social media policy questions?

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