What is Syndicated Media?

In the digital world, anything and everything will end up in places you never expected: copies of white papers will be indexed by search engines, aggregation sites will attempt to categorize your information, and even employee data will reside on hundreds of different sites.

For the past decade it has become generally accepted that having certain information on services like Google and Yahoo exposes your information to internet users who would otherwise have never seen it. When understood properly; every piece of owned, bought, and earned media can be resurrected as syndicated media.

Imagine how many advertisements your company has purchased in the last five years that have been covered in dust. Instead of dying and simply becoming a one time cost, business assets can continue to produce exposure, brand, and reputation value.

When you information is out there: your information is out there. There are plenty of smart, unsavory individuals who are trying to squat on your digital channel and profit from your information. Examples of such abusive entities include review sites, domain squatters, and third party social networks.

Critical risk areas appear in this segment when you do not take the time to understand the holistic mix of entities affecting your business.

(NOTE: to my knowledge, the definition and silo break-out of “syndicated media” has not been addressed anywhere else. This is a new classification of media that I use for the purpose of educating professionals on media usage.)

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