What is Owned Media?

This includes physical, creative, historical, and intellectual property that the business owns. In the brand space this includes such assets as the brand name and trademark. In the employee space this includes internal communications and customer relations. It also extends into the core business assets: website, signage, letterhead, business cards, production, packaging, and other collateral material.

Owned media is exclusive to direct employees of the company (including contractors/subcontractors) that have the ability to create and affect exposure opportunities for the company. Because the company has direct legal rights to the material, control of owned media is the highest of the four types.

Many companies fail to enable and leverage owned media. As social media has reached higher adoption points, large percentages of employee groups that are often active in social media personally have little or no business support to use the same technologies in the profession workplace.

Communications happening within the owned media category have no legal barrier to damaging or fiduciary responsible statements. Employees need to be educated to maintain the highest level of professionalism and properly directed with company guidelines and policy.

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