Strategic Social Media, from Disney with Love.

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of presenting digital media at Disney Interactive in partnership with the Washington Technology Industry Association. As expected, we sold out the event and had a variety of executives from Washington businesses in attendance.

Three of the largest “wrap your mind around it” items are covered on slide three, four, and sixteen (detail below) – along with a partner brainstorm and diagram sheet on slide twenty. The full deck is included below.

SLIDE THREE: Growth of Conversation. Is a simple visual really: from 2007 to 2009 we have seen 342 million conversations grow to 588 million. That percentage shift is noteworthy, but the larger trend to look at is how much of the conversation shifted from being “on site” to “off site”- this is the magic shift that identifies how the audience has seized control of communication channels.

[stextbox id=”info”]Keep in mind: that these users come from all sorts of digital niches. They break the traditional model of communicating with local people, and represent transmission of information across cultural, financial, legal, and geographic borders. [/stextbox]


SLIDE FOUR: The adoption and penetration of mobile usage is the next compounding point. A primary reason for the shift in conversation between 2007 and 2009 for onsite/offsite usage is simply accessibility. A massive amount of the worldwide population is moving into 3G and 4G service, meaning they can stream information on a 24/7 basis around the world.

When we look at the United States compared to other markets, the next four to five years is going to see a doubling in penetration and adoption, while some segments of the world like Europe and East Asia are expected to reach over 90% coverage.

[stextbox id=”info”]When both of these ideas combine, you can begin to see a transformation in basic information and service utilities: ranging from free city WIFI, national political voting systems, workforce virtualization and more. [/stextbox]


SLIDE SIXTEEN: using Twitter as an example, we are just at an infancy for taking information people are broadcasting on a daily basis and placing it to a location. While Twitter doesn’t support location searching very well, the API and data stream can be combined with all forms of personal and service data to locate clusters of users on a variety of topics that are both historical and real-time.

[stextbox id=”info”]The application of this data is immense. The amount of data is growing so quickly, that wireless and data carriers such as AT&T, Spring, and Verizon can sustain fast adoption of 3G and 4G handsets (such as the iPhone4 and HTC EVO.) Even fewer services can sift through all the data and present a manageable stream of information (such as My6sense and Tableau Software)[/stextbox]



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