Selling a domain name, my basic tips

I have bought and sold domains for years. It is a fun personal hobby of tracking a unique “digital stock”

A friend has a domain name that has value and recently received a fairly anonymous request to sell it.

That is great… but he doesn’t want to lose his shirt and find out that he sold the next for $100. He also doesn’t want break the bank.

Using some basic ideas around contingency and on-going revenue contracts, there are several ways to move forward.


Simply respond with a basic statement that the domain is for sale; based on the worth of the domain today plus licensing fees for larger business usage.

The basic idea for maximizing the selling price of the domain is to create a sliding scale proposal that catches possible corporate/big business usage.

• If the guy is a high-school music teacher doing a personal project, you ask for whatever you feel it is worth and do a “in faith” sale.

• If the guy is Simon Cowell trying to get a good domain, you ask for $10-$25k, plus a percentage of worth over two to five years.

• If Simon lies and says he is a high school teacher, the selling contract reads that he pays the higher fee PLUS penalty for lying PLUS legal fees.

• If Simon lies and is just flipping it to another buyer, you receive 50% of the selling price if it is resold within two to five years.


Of course the basic above can be utilized for many types of domain transactions, but they ultimately help keep you from being ripped off.

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