Media Influence, the Elements of Media

The Elements of Media

Once we think about traditional, digital and mobile segments, we then have to think about the elements that are causing these segments to evolve and find adoption. The first three types of media (land, sea, and air), combine with the affects of social and hyper media (weather and time.)

Within the concept of “weather and time” , we have unique experiences that often present themselves as incredibly complex.

Yet as complex as this all sounds, keep in mind how simple humans really are when it comes to making our choices:

  • We look for a simple way to get things done.
  • We often push buttons out of curiosity.
  • We seek constant encouragement and motivation.
  • We usually select things based on want, not need.
  • We hunt for areas of personal reward.
  • We try to help the people we know.

With these basic human conditions known to us, we then have to apply an understand the flaws and merits of these segments of media is essential in selecting what types are ideal for your project. We know that people who are doubtful or fearful often return to land: feeling safety with tangible. We also know that youthful and adventurous minds take to the sky and often never want to land.

We then examine eight or more elements that affect media. These elements cover wide range of issues ranging from technology and social convention, to adoption and time frame.  Each of the elements has specific strengths and weaknesses, which are balanced against exposure and risk opportunities within the media segment we are looking at.

Future articles in this series will detail each of these elements, as well the interaction points the create in holistic communication strategies.


  • Element One:
    the four primary media segments:
    owned, bought, earned, and syndicated.
  • Element Two:
    the adoption and penetration of mobile media,
    including 3G and 4G networks.
  • Element Three:
    the growth of how much media is being created.
  • Element Four:
    Viewpoint and community, Personal vs Professional
  • Element Five:
    Impact and reach, Private vs Public channels
  • Element Six:
    Timing, real-time vs. historical
  • Element Seven:
    Conversion, the digitization of Traditional Media
  • Element Eight:
    Want vs Need, finding and filling our solutions

Stay tuned for the upcoming articles in the different media types series, as they start peeling back the layers of this complex media puzzle into some actionable structure.

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