Seattle Social Media, a solution to my own workflow

To anyone in the Seattle social media scene, it is no great surprise that I have had personal conversations with hundreds (if not thousands) of like-minded entrepreneurs, business executives and coffee addicts. As someone who has been “in the trenches” of social media since before it was social media,  the massive amount of information and resource tracking skills that are integrated into my business life is pretty massive.

To help streamline my own calendar and prevent schedule conflicts, I decided to revamp my old site that was used as a personal test site and provide a useful tool to the community focused around three problems I personally experienced:

  1. There is a massive amount of talk about social media. Everyone has a different angle. Every business is being transformed by communication changes.
  2. There are great events happening every day. In all the noise I sometimes miss them. If I miss them on the radar… the common business professional didn’t even know they happened.
  3. The great conversations overlap in three basic areas: niche focus, geographic distance, and timeframe.

The forth topic is match-making. As a strategic director of Social Media Club Seattle (, I receive five to ten inquiries about companies needing specific skills and five to ten inquiries from professionals trying to find a good home.

Seattle Social Media is a partial solution right now,

It currently provides two things:

Seattle Social Media Map A  list of local events covering different online topics, with a presentation layer to see events happening in a geographic sense. For me location was critical, as I spend an hour or two behind the wheel each day working on various corporate projects.You can see a sample map, along with a random selection of events below it. Hopefully this will help you attend some great events.

For job hunters, it also includes list of companies and jobs related to social media, search engine optimization, buzz marketing, etc. In the near future there will be a breakdown of job functions and companies, mapped against where these great opportunities exist in the real world (who wants a new job that is 60 minutes away?)

I hope you find some personal and professional benefits from my efforts. If you discover a need using, please let me know via the contact form here or by following me on Twitter @seattlesm or @barryhurd

10 thoughts on “Seattle Social Media, a solution to my own workflow”

  1. Great job, Barry! Now how can we get more of those map pushpins to show up in the northend!? I’m not a big fan of spending too much time in my car. I find that I don’t get much accomplished when I’m driving. 😉

  2. I would love to see some more show up in the north end, perhaps doing some events in the Lynnwood area nearby the junction of I-5 / 405. Do you know of any venue locations that can serve some different size groups?

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