Social Media Timeline, how things change

The speed of communication and social change has accelerated so quickly in the past twenty years that we are beginning to enter the “beginning of a new chapter” in how people communicate. In just the past ten years, technology has given birth to the idea that a majority of individuals have the ability to communicate wirelessly in seconds with hundreds of people.

As a father, my own eight year old son is at the forefront of this fundamental social and human transition. He has a cell phone for emergencies, he self-taught himself how to create an e-mail account to contact me, knows how to search using additional parameters, and has the ingrained frame of mind to examine multiple options. The children of today will become the workforce of tomorrow, capable of interpreting dozens (if not hundreds) of information streams.

To help business professionals understand this change, I created the chart below to help detail how fast the transition has been. In the upcoming two to three years will we continue to see the same type of accelerating curve we have seen since 2001, along with a number of traditional business models being influenced by a complete market shift.

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Social Media Timeline