Social Media Infographics – Social TV

The consumption of ‘social tv’ around live events is a very interesting scenario in my daily life
(especially when I’m strategizing corporate and live events through our team.)

Trendrr tracked millions of social media interactions regarding the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards to produce a straight-forward snapshot of basic user data you can discover around live events.

This infographic helps identify social segments of a ‘one time event’ surrounding the award show.

When ‘all was said and done’ – businesses (music groups, record labels, corporate sponsors, etc) who are trying to engage these online audiences need to have a fast acting communication strategy that can be activated at exactly the right time.

An interesting component of the graphic below is that mobile usage was at 48%  for this audience demographic.
This type of data is showing us that mobile adoption has taken some niches by storm, and that other industry niches aren’t too far behind. Read more

Join me @ DEMO 2010!

A lot of folk forget how synergy really works, sometimes it is often a bit serendipitous.

As part of “right place, right time, right connections” I’ll be heading to Palm Springs on Saturday night to lead up the social media and technology team for is a fairly niche component of the startup world: what do you get when you take 100+ entrepreneurs, a few hundred investors, a gathering of industry journalists and launch dozens of new companies to the world in two days.

It is a rush.

You have so many incredibly bright people involved in so many ways, it is an honor to be involved with working on the project and seeing some incredibly imaginative businesses launch.

Our team will be there (headed up by @TimReha and myself ) making sure all the launching companies have access to last minute expertise and get the best launch experience they can. Join in on the conversation with me via @barryhurd and @demotweets

If you happen to be attending, please make sure to introduce yourself!

Enterprise Social Media training from entrepreneurs

Mark Tamis has a good breakdown of social CRM “Your competitive advantage will be your Customer Base and their ability to advocate your company and persuade their peers to do business with you.”

I believe another core advantage will be organizations that redefine the term “employee asset” to include social assets. Every single employee or contributor to a project has the ability to support both internal and external ideas with a network of 50 to 1000 individuals. Understanding that as an organization grows in size, the multiple layers of departments and business niches creates hundreds of different customer silos internally and externally.

Within this framework we can use basic examples: employees become leaders, leaders become employees, family members become thought-catalysts, friends become survey groups. Read more