40+ Online Competitive Intelligence Tools

Rather than go into how you do online competitive intelligence, I’m just going to run through a free list of tools that have earned themselves and honorable mention here and give you some awesome tidbits for finding information online.

I review competitive information on a daily basis; Ihave to warn you that its a lot of information.

Don’t be afraid of simply sitting down and playing with one or two tools a week and seeing what you come up with. The real magic begins to happen when you start discovering that one tool provides the secret ingredient to turbo-charge the next tool.

Every tool on this list is free. Read more

AVVO ratings, why lawyers and doctors should be scared

If you are a lawyer or doctor, or have a client or friend that is a lawyer or doctor, they really need to read this and ask some complex questions.

Lets face it, there are many professions that don’t really think about marketing.

There are even some industries that are designed to be ‘marketing challenged’

Lawyers and Doctors are two such industries. Read more