Competitive Intelligence with Social Media

When you are in business, the faster you can educate yourself on the mission critical elements of the current solution the better.

As a case example, I train audiences and present as an keynote speaker.

Due to my competitive intelligence background and research skills, I often know more about what is happening in a given industry than most of the executives in that industry do.

Last month I wanted to update my understanding of the security and IT world (something I’ve been involved with for many years), and I wanted to see if there were any issues surrounding the industry today.

For most people, competitive intelligence would probably require a visit to the magazine rack.
Not me.

I like to think I’m a bit more tech savvy, so I start pushing buttons.
Lots of buttons.

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Competitive Intelligence and social media security

Last week I had the opportunity to co-present the topic of competitive intelligence, social media security and corporate policy at SecureWorld with Lewis McMurran –  VP of Government and External Affairs at the Washington Technology Industry Association ( @lewismcmurran )

Attendees packed into the room and left standing room only. Unlike my other workshops on social media, SecureWorld is attended by IT and data professionals. While the rest of the world is thinking about how useful Facebook or Twitter may be, these people are thinking about triple layer security protocols, redundant fail safe deployment, variable secure socket encryption, and struggle with one simple fact: user training. Read more