Local Business Analytics and Digital Metrics

While there are plenty of global business models, the reality is that most people prefer to do business with local providers. When all things are equal we differ to the professionals we can look in the eye and shake hands with…

But that idea isn’t so simple to understand when it comes to the collision of online trends and real world usage…

When someone uses a smart phone to search for nearby services they first have to overcome the extreme bias of marketing dollars that control how ‘not so local’ businesses have bought themselves the lion’s share of exposure. While some search engines have limited ad slots to prevent the search results from being completely dominated by advertising, the bottom end of the ‘natural results’ are equally affected by money being spent optimizing information in a way that other local small and mid-sized businesses are unaware of.

But exposure is simply one metric for a local business…. Read more

Selling a domain name, my basic tips

I have bought and sold domains for years. It is a fun personal hobby of tracking a unique “digital stock”

A friend has a domain name that has value and recently received a fairly anonymous request to sell it.

That is great… but he doesn’t want to lose his shirt and find out that he sold the next for $100. He also doesn’t want break the bank.

Using some basic ideas around contingency and on-going revenue contracts, there are several ways to move forward. Read more