Search Reputation and Brand Value

Over the past decade of working on different online reputation and brand campaigns, I found that I wasn’t happy with the general viewpoint of just understanding how many people clicked on A or B in the search results. I also wasn’t happy with accepting that search results and control of your brand was limited to a singular result or site property.

I always had a handy sheet of information pinned to my wall detailing the metrics involved with the first page of search results. Thus the “web reputation sheet” was born.

This is an on-going and always developing formula. There are actually hundreds of metrics involved in online reputation and brand value, but if you want a place to start from and detail some of the connective ideas with a single sheet of paper… just click on the thumbnail below and download the PDF.

This is a combination effort between several projects that I am working on, including EpiphanyMetrics (still in private beta) and BuzzProfile (my free reputation and social toobar)

Search Reputation and Brand Value

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